Free Parking.

Front and side entrance.

Directions from front entrance: Walk in front doors, follow through the doorway on your left hand side (towards PJ's Cafe) and directly on your right hand side is my office.

Directions from side entrance: Walk in side doors follow the staircase up to the upper floor and through doors turn right. Follow the hall way, past walk in clinic, and past front entrance where Shoppers is located, continue past next doorway, first door on your right hand side, across from PJ's Cafe.

I have a shared waiting room and washrooms for your convenience. I do not use a reception, they are for other health care professionals in the suite. Please take a seat and I will be with you as soon as possible at your allocated time.

Front access is wheelchair accessible.


Natural Living Osteopathy

By Appointment Only!

245 Pelham Rd., Suite 212B, St. Catharines ON