Natural Living Osteopathy

Our Philosophy:


"To cure disease the abnormal parts must be admitted to the normal."

~ Osteopathy Research and Practice


These Principles are:

Osteopathy is a profession that makes extensive use of manual diagnosis and treatment guided by the principles set forth by it's founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, "On June 22, 1874, I flung to the breeze the banner of Osteopathy." 

          1) The body is a Unit

          2) The body is self healing and self regulating
          3) System and function are interriciply interrelated

          4) Treat according to the above principles

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners are functional anatomists that find the health, rather than focus on disease. Osteopathic treatment works to restore proper body mechanics, nerve impulses and the circulation of body fluids. 

This allows nature to do it's job by removing lesions/obstacles in its way that may be interfering with allowing proper nutrition to get to the area in need, and to also allow drainage out.


                                                                                                            ~ Andrew Taylor Still

"Sickness is an effect caused by the stoppage of some supply of fluid or quality of life."

- Autobiography of A.T. Still

Osteopathy is based on the perfection of Nature's work. When all parts of the human body are in line we have health. When they are not the effect is disease."

- Osteopathy Research and Practice

What is Classical Osteopathy?